New Familia Health Support Services, LLC
2716 North Broadway, Suite 203
Los Angeles, CA 90031
New Familia offers community based access to health support services that are family centered and culturally relevant. Through education and empowerment, we promote wellness by building on traditional practices. 
Looking forward to meeting you!
Left to right:
Patricia Murphy, CLE, Cert. PP Doula
Janine Souffront, RD, CDE
Yadira Enriquez, LCSW
Cristina Carlos, MPH, CLE
Teresa Ortiz, FNP, IBCLC

Our Services
Prenatal, Breastfeeding and Postpartum
Prenatal Education
Breastfeeding Education and Consultation
Postpartum Preparation and Support
Newborn Care Education 
Nutrition and Healthy Weights
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Adult and Pediatric Weight Management
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
Individual, Couples and Family Counseling
Stress Management
Diabetes Self-Management Education
Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training and Support
Gestational Diabetes Education and Support 
CPR Training & Consultation Services
Materials and Curriculum Development
Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program Consultations
CPR Trainings for Health Care 
Professionals and Community
Our Space
Our home like office is available to the community and can accommodate 20 people for meetings and trainings. 
We are:
-Teresa Ortiz
Family Nurse Practitioner, Lactation Consultant
-Janine Souffront
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator
-Cristina Carlos
Master level health educator, health coach, lactation educator
-Patricia Murphy
Post-partum doula, lactation educator, newborn care specialist, parenting instructor, CPR trainer
-Yadira Enriquez
psychotherapist, counselor

Building happy families together!

 (323) 917-1700

We are a team of passionate bilingual and bi-cultural health professionals with a unique understanding of family needs. We offer community based services that empower individuals and families to build healthy lifestyles, and in turn build healthier neighborhoods.
Our services are culturally relevant, culturally appropriate and people centered.  We work with individuals and families throughout all phases of life.